Professional Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions

Cleantechs Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions is a professionally managed organization that understands the unique requirements and sensibilities of the region; we cater to individuals & corporate alike recognizing their specific professional and unique cleaning & maintenance requirements.

Our staffs are well groomed, organized and thoroughly trained on modern cleaning techniques and able to deliver exceptional cleaning services.

Our Cleaning Services

Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning is an important part of water hygiene. Whether a small domestic type water storage tank feeding a small water heater or a large water reservoir feeding many properties the fundamentals are the same, clean tanks mean clean water. [read more]

Kitchen Extraction & Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning

No matter how efficient the kitchen extraction system or your regular kitchen filter cleaning programme, a build up of grease and other flammable substances in the ventilation ductwork can become a significant fire hazard. [read more]

Airconditioning Ducts Cleaning

There is growing concern over the quality of the air we breathe, and for most of us that means a long period of time breathing air supplied to us through air conditioning systems. [read more]

Building & Construction site Cleaning

Cleantechs provides comprehensive and flexible contract cleaning services for the building industry, covering construction site cleaning, building site cleaning, office/shop/restaurant refurbishment cleaning and property development cleaning. [read more]

Window Cleaning

While the UAE air is not so friendly on the windows, the Cleantechs Cleaning-pro team is! Our window cleaning service is tailored to the specifics of your home, to allow for factors such as condition, height and accessibility of windows. [read more]

Maid Service / Housekeeping

Cleantechs housekeeping/maid Service is perfect for those who need a no-hassle dependable service. [read more]

Regular Maid / Housekeeper

For clients who are looking to have the consistency of the same maid cleaning their home each time, we recommend using a regular weekly housekeeper. [read more]

Twice A Month Housekeeper

Perfect for single professionals living in smaller homes where the cleaning needs are not so intensive. This service is designed for lighter users who would like to maintain the consistency of using the same maid/housekeeper, following a regular bi-weekly schedule. [read more]

Spot Housekeeping

This service is perfect for clients who do not need housekeeping on a regular basis, especially those living in smaller apartments or who are often out of town. If you need a maid to clean your apartment just once or twice a month, or you need intensive help for a week or two – this service works for you! [read more]

Maintenance & Handyman

When you need versatile help in the home, above and beyond your cleaning/housekeeping needs, Cleantechs is pleased to offer MAN-Power to your home. [read more]



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We have worked with Cleantechs Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions on several occasions and would not even begin to consider going elsewhere. The team is highly professional, extremely helpful and proactive, and offers the highest quality of service – which goes above and beyond initial requirements. Friendly staff top it all off!
Would definitely recommend Cleantechs Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions!

Warm regards,

Johnny Baker
Edge Kitchen & Bathroom

I find Cleantechs Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions to be both affordable and good quality, representing excellent value for money. The cleaners are courteous and attentive to our needs and the management is proactive in ensuring new employees are accompanied to all client sites and requirements are detailed and carried out to a high standard.
I have no hesitation in recommending Cleantechs Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions to other companies.

Kind Regards

Louie Carmona
Amed Advertising

Over the years, Cleantechs Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions has given us full satisfaction of their services and in particular, their staff is polite, trustworthy, and efficient. They have given us a superb assistance to maintain the cleanliness of our office. Keep it up guys!!!


Anne Davis
Golden Realty Group